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Hi Ellie, What's Up?

From a young age I have had a deep passion for sports. I loved playing them, learning the rules, admiring athletes from high school baseball players to my favorite professional football player (FYI DeAngelo Williams) and most of all talking sports.

I never expressed my passion to impress anyone. However, as soon as the sports conversation arose I was almost always shot down. Girls don't know sports. Girls like sports to look at hot guys. Girls want to wear cute pink jerseys. Girls are just bandwagon fans. No, no and NO! I am here to prove these statements wrong.

The purpose of this blog is to share my passion with you. I want women to feel that they can confidently discuss games whether they are avid fans or have watched just half of a football game in their life.

This is for the woman who loves the game of baseball. This is for the woman who wants to learn something new to talk about with her boyfriend. This is for the woman who doesn't know what to wear to a football game. This is for the woman who wants to engage in intellectual conversation or have questions answered.

Here is your official welcome to The Ellie Times. I hope you enjoy!

PS If you're a guy, stick around you might learn something. :)


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