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The City That Never Sleeps…

...and neither do I.

It’s approaching the last part of summer for me in New York City. We will call this the 7th inning stretch (for all my baseball peeps out there). I feel like I have blinked and time is gone…but I promise only a blink. I for sure haven’t gotten a lot of shuteye over the last few weeks.

Here is an update of what I’ve been up to.

First, if you didn’t know, I am interning for the New York Yankees. I spend most of my week in the Bronx. To say I love being at Yankee Stadium is an understatement! There are mornings I get on the train uptown and still have to pinch myself. The feeling of working at a place you have dreamed about is truly surreal. Working for the Yankees? To quote a co-worker, “working for the Yankees is exactly what you would expect working for the Yankees would be like.” In short, the Yankees are an elite team and we share that same hustle behind the scenes.

“Champions on and off the field” - I promise to give a full recap at the end of summer. (Just to keep you waiting)

It is rare that I am ever “home” after work. I try to meet friends in the city for dinner, go to an event or just walk and sightsee. OH…and I occasionally shop. Check out the slide show below for a few of my favorite summer events..

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