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Food Guide: North Wilkesboro

Once living amongst some of the best cuisine in the world in New York City, I could never forget the creature comforts of my Wilkesboro home. Whether you are in town this week for the All-Star race (which I hope you are!) or simply passing through, I hope you take a second to support the local cuisine. These are my recommendations for dining in Wilkes County, North Carolina. NOTE: This list is focused on restaurants accessible to the racetrack. The spots are places you are able to dine-in your track attire. Hope this helps! 



A fairly new staple with Australian flair, this is the best place for outdoor casual seating on picnic tables if the weather is nice. The owners are Wilkes County transplants who have invested in the area with several small businesses. The food is yummy and has friendly service. Give yourself time though to eat here…sometimes it can be slow. They do have great lunch specials that are around $10 or less (includes a drink)! 

Ellie’s Signatures: Shrimp Tacos, Chicken Tenders (ask for made in buffalo sauce) 


A newly renovated barbecue restaurant in Wilkes County. The Eastern Style BBQ is a hit and be sure to get your “southern sides''. They have a “build-your-own” salad bar as well. My favorite part of this dining experience is the homemade ice cream. You are able to stop in the front if you are looking for a sweet treat or make it a whole experience (which includes a moonshine still!)

Ellie’s Signature: BBQ with corn nuggets and green beans. Ice Cream: Brushy Mountain Mud Pie


Want to support a business that supports short-track racing? The owner is a sponsor of the Cars Tour and a huge race fan. ALSO, be sure to read the back of the menu - you may find some fun facts about the start of racing in North Wilkesboro. 

If you are looking for an adult beverage to accompany your meal this is the place! The extensive menu will provide you with what you are looking for. The burgers are amazing, every sandwich will leave you full and the salads are huge. They also have lots of gluten-free options if that is a concern. 

Ellie’s Signature: Pimento Cheese Burger with homemade fries



A staple in downtown North Wilkesboro, this coffee shop is the true meaning of local. The food is all homemade and the coffee is supreme. This is also a great stop for lunch too if you are craving a good salad. 

Ellie’s Signatures: White Owl Latte, Chipotle Chicken Rollup or Spinach Salad 


This drive-thru shop is new to the area and a franchise out of Arkansas. If you are looking for a quick and easy coffee stop, this one is right off of 421 near Walmart. 

Ellie’s Signature: Irish Creme Latte 

More local options: Cagney’s, The 50’s Diner, Almost on the Lake (not Ellie’s choices but give them a try if you are looking for a sit down spot!) 



Have a sweet tooth? This local bakery has many options to curb your cravings. Also, they sell pizza by the slice and a great snack option! 


Craving Mexican? There are several options you will find in the area. However, this is your best bet for authentic American-Mexican fare. 

Ellie’s Signature: Chicken Fajitas 


Craving Italian? Owned by local Italians, this is the spot for your favorite pasta dish. Located just off 421 in Wilkesboro near Walmart. However, they close before 8pm so this is the place if you are looking for an early dinner. This is a smaller restaurant and not preferred for bigger groups. They also have gluten free pizza crust.

Ellie’s Signature: Blacken Chicken Salad


Craving Asian? This is some of my favorite Pad Thai - ever! Be sure to check the hours before choosing this option. You are able to pick your spice level and find the best dish for you. Most dishes are large enough portions to share. 

Ellie’s Signature: Pad Thai with Veggies and an order of Spring Rolls 


Directly across the street from Dooley’s in downtown Wilkesboro, is the one-and-only local pizza. The specialty pies are sure to hit your pizza craving. Very good gluten free crust.

Ellie’s Signature: Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza 



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