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Six Best Things About Sydney

Sydney, Australia has made it to the list of my favorite cities around the world. I would refer to it as the New York City of Australia (though my professor disagrees). There is EVERYTHING to do; shopping, theatre at the Opera House, beaches and wonderful food. Here is a list of my top experiences and why I love it so much:

1. Cabaret Show at the Sydney Opera House

Opera isn’t really my thing but if you know me you know a cabaret show really isn’t either. My friends convinced me this would be a good cultural experience and I obliged. To my defense, I sat beside my professor who has turned out to be like my mom on this trip. The show was better (and way less scandalous than I expected). This night out in Sydney definitely tops as one of the best of the trip!

2. The Beaches (Bondi Beach and Manly Beach)

A short bus ride to the outer edges of the city will lead to the beaches. How cool would it be to live in a big city and have the beach less than 15 minutes away? It is as great as it sounds. We spent a day at Bondi Beach and an optional day at Manly. Both were wonderful experiences but I have a favorite and here is why…

3. Scott Eastwood

Tanning on Bondi Beach with a few friends, I was people watching. I was walking back from the ocean when literally the most handsome man passed by carrying a surf board. I knew he looked familiar. Two of my friends sitting recognized him and one said “Hi Scott”. He looked straight at me and I couldn’t speak. Then he discovered my friend that had spoken and threw his hand up and smiled. I quickly freaked and then grabbed my phone to snag a quick pic. LITERALLY LIKE A DREAM!

4. The Zoo

The first time I saw a koala and kangaroo in the same day…truly life changing. While visiting the animals we could see the city skyline in the background. Great experience.

5. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been a childhood dream. I was able to fulfill that dream and it totally exceeded expectations. Read more about it in my earlier post!

6. Gelato

Who knew you could get incredible gelato all over the world? Ice cream is my favorite treat when the weather is hot (actually anytime). So I've used this trip to enjoy gelato almost everyday. It never disappoints. Favorite flavor: Budgie Smuggler, which means a Speedo for Aussies or a coconut and white chocolate flavored gelato


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