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Things Female Sports Fans Don’t Want You to Ask

It’s a lull right now for some sports fans. The NFL just wrapped up. MLB opening day is approaching (stay tuned for more!). March Madness is getting ready to be HOT. So I think it is the perfect time we talk about a topic that is relevant all year long. Here are a few tips for what not to ask female sports fans:

1. Can you name three players on the team?

I can’t tell you the number of times growing up I was asked this question. Do I need to prove something? Give me a quiz? Do you ask your guy friends this? Women do not need to prove their fandom...but trust me some of them happily will. Please don't be disrespectful.

2. You like sports?

Well duh! You think she wears a sports jersey just as a fashion statement.

3. Who do you think is the best looking?

Come on! Talk about something intellectual. Of course we can appreciate a good-looking player and tight pants don’t hurt but that’s NOT the main purpose for being at the game. As I once read, “The beauty of being a female baseball fan is that she can appreciate a perfectly executed double play and how the players look in their tight pants.”

4. Wow, that must be really attractive to guys. Right?

Well, no, not necessarily. When enjoying dinner once I was talking to a family beside of us. I shared my love for sports, career aspirations and how I was trying to see a game at all 30 ballparks. (This conversation happened right before my mom and I saw a game at the Cincinnati Reds). The lady responded, ‘The guys must really love you!”

I don’t talk about sports to impress or as a pick-up line. It is what I am passionate about. Sometimes I think the love and knowledge of sports is actually kind of intimidating….

5. The team is winning! Is that why you’re a fan right now?

Nope, not a bandwagon fan or a fair weather fan. We are fans when they win and when they lose. When they do win you’ll probably see us in our fan apparel more often. However, we are just as much a fan when they lose (those seasons are just a little more difficult).

For example, I have a Carolina Panthers license plate…one I’ve had since the day before I turned 16. The Panthers have been Super Bowl worthy (even though they lost) and also had their share of losing seasons. No matter how a Sunday goes I still drive around Monday morning with a Panthers license plate. Same goes for my friends with car magnets and laptop stickers.


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