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Today is a national holiday… well not technically but in my book it should be. So what’s opening today? Baseball stadiums around the country! Opening Day is the first day of regular season play for Major League Baseball where all thirty teams play in a span of two days. The official day for 2017 is today, April 3rd.

Ellie and her mom at a Pittsburgh Pirates game in August 2016

Baseball fans have been anxiously awaiting the return of baseball since October. For me, Opening Day also marks the coming of spring and reason to wear baseball apparel. Of course other sports have first days of regular season but none have as much hype as baseball.

On Sunday six teams (Cardinals, Cubs, Rays, Yankees, Diamondbacks and Giants) started the season. The other twenty-four teams play today.

Opening Day tickets usually are some of the highest priced tickets of the entire season. Some teams throw big celebrations, notably this year the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs had a celebration for fans to see the 2016 World Series Trophy prior to their game Sunday against the Cardinals. Obviously, Cubs fans have been on a “baseball high” since October after winning their first title in 108 years.

In short, Opening Day is the perfect time to throw on your baseball cap, eat a hot dog and watch some baseball (If you’re lucky watch it live!). Happy Opening Day!


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